FAQ for Providers:

How does this website work?

Provider listings have been imported into the site from the OKDHS public database. The imported information only contains your first and last name, your city and state, and your zip code. However, you will be able to add LOTS more information to your listing, such as hours of operation, the ages you enroll – even pictures! All you need to do is find your listing, then click the button that says “Claim Listing”. The site will lead you through registering with your email address. Once the website administrator receives notice that you have claimed your listing, you will be notified to send in a copy of your K8 license. This is to ensure that listings can only be claimed by the provider who owns the childcare in the listing. Once you have sent in a copy of your K8 license, your listing will be released to your account, and you will be notified by email that your listing is ready to be edited.

What information can I put on my listing?

K8 Number, First and Last Name, Business Name, Hours of Operation, Ages Accepted, Payment Types, STARS Level, Program Description, Types of Care Offered, School Transportation Offered, Special Needs Care Offered, CACFP Offered, Other Qualifications, Languages Spoken … you will also be able to add up to 5 pictures to your listing. PLEASE make sure you check ALL fields to make sure they are correct. Many of the fields will have a default choice that may be wrong when you edit your listing for the first time – for example, a default “yes” on the question whether you provide school transportation. So make sure you answer all questions on your listing before you save it.

I’m not comfortable putting my address on my listing.

That is totally understandable. That is why the listings were imported with city and zip codes only. However, it is strongly suggested that you at least put cross streets on your listing, and click the “Find on Map” button to make sure you’re satisfied with where the map is showing your location. This is because when parents use the search bar to search for care in their area, the search is only as accurate as what you have put in your listing. The most accurate search results will be with your exact address, the next accurate will be with cross streets.

Where do I put on my listing that I have openings?

Each listing has a title field. This would be the best place to put your openings, since there are other fields for your name and your business name. The title field can be used to put any other text that you want. When you have openings, you could change your title to be your childcare name plus “2 openings”.

May I put my listing in more than one location?

Yes, definitely! Please select any and all categories that you feel are locations where families will reasonably be looking for care in your area. It’s obviously not reasonable to select the entire state. But you may certainly select all locations within a reasonable distance from where you live.

May I change the title and provider name on my listing (for example, if I go by a nickname, rather than the name that is listed with DHS)?

Yes, feel free to change the information that was imported from the DHS database. However, you must provide your actual K8 number that is on file with DHS so that it is verifiable that you are licensed.

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